Guess What Donald And Melania Trump Did After Meeting With Florida Shooting Victims…SICKENING!!

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The White House announced on Friday that President Trump would give up golf this weekend “out of respect” for the victims of the Parkland, Florida school shooting. But just because he said he wouldn’t hit the green doesn’t mean he wouldn’t hit the club!

Right after giving a big thumbs-up with his little, little hand, Trump went back to Mar-a-Lago, where he and Melania attended a Studio 54 themed party.



“So the president did arrive,” wrote David Lloyd Merrill, who attended the bash after hearing Trump would attend. “I couldn’t meet him or speak but was about 3’ away. Super cool no matter what your political affiliation!”

Yeah, super cool that Trump could take time out of his busy day of seeing kids with gunshot wounds to go to the most boring Disco themed party rich people could buy.

Some of Merrill’s followers weren’t too impressed.


Over on Twitter, when Kevin Liptak, a CNN White House reporter, posted the news on Twitter, users didn’t hide their anger.

And it doesn’t even look like they changed clothes. Just went straight to the party. Then, on Saturday, he tweeted:

Ah yes, what an evening to remember.



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