BREAKING: Gun Found Inside Car In Trump’s Motorcade Outside Mar-a-Lago > New Century Times

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President Donald Trump is currently at his Mar-a-Lago resort, ensuring his record of vacation days stays unbroken. However, his vacation is not starting off well. After being counseled not to play gold immediately following the worst high school shooting ever recorded in American history, the president was further frustrated to find that the driver of a press van in his motorcade was detained today right outside of his Mar-a-Lago resort after a gun was found in his possession.

The event occurred right outside of the resort, across the street from Mar-a-Lago, just an hour before the press van was to meet up with the president’s entourage. The gun was found in a luggage bag after a security sweep.

The driver informed reporters that he forgot about his firearm in the bag. As a result of the discovery, all drivers were banned from entering the Mar-a-Lago property, with White House staffers driving the vans themselves.

What Happened To The Driver?
The driver’s laissez-faire attitude did not seem to cost him any jail time. After the press loaded up into the van, he was led to a nearby tent, where police officers further questioned him. He has been contracted to drive one of the press vans whenever Trump was in South Florida. It’s also worth noting that he is not a person who works at the White House; an independent company contracted him.

During this ordeal, the Secret Service and Palm Beach authorities did not respond to a request for additional commentary by the media.

It seems like the motorcades were a bit discombobulated, with another press van grazing a secret service car in the parking lot once everyone was within Mar-a-Lago.

Trump has taken three times as many vacation days than former President Barack Obama. Let’s hope that his bag of thoughts and prayers can offer some sort of protection.


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  1. I think, since this is not a legitimate president, secret service should all be given a two month vacation so that the person with the gun, whoever they be, can make a huge contribution to our country by ending his disgusting life

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