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Where: Tomohon market, Sulawesi, Indonesia

Petition objective: To end all dog meat consumption in Indonesia

Petition target: The President of Indonesia

Video credit: Rupert Imhoff

These images were taken at a public market place in the small town of Tomohon, on the Sulawesi island in Indonesia. Although one might think they were filmed in sometime in the Medieval Ages, this is happening nowadays, in the 21st century.

The images were taken by Rupert Imhoff, an Australian tourist, who decided to upload them online with the hope something can be done to stem the industry.

Dogs are kept in small cages, with little food and water and hardly any exercise – it is really hard to do anything when you are crammed in a tiny box all day. Dogs remain there until customers hand-pick them to be cooked; upon being chosen, that particular dog is captured with the help of a pole, pounded in the head with a bat several times, before being moved in the barbecue area of the market.

The author of these images asked the vendor where the dogs came from. Although Imhoff expected the dogs to be farmed or bred for consumption, he was stunned when the vendor replied that all of them were village dogs – including people’s pets. According to the dog meat seller, pet dogs and cats in the region have a life expectancy of just one year.

Each dog has a price tag of 250, 000 rupiah, which is about $20; and there are plenty of customers to fulfill demand all year round.

This highly unregulated trade has been going on for years and the central authorities have shown no signs they are interested in addressing this issue.

Aside from the ethical side of the problem (eating man’s best friend should never be allowed to happen) dog meat has been linked to numerous serious diseases and poses significant health risks for humans. The Indonesian government ends up spending considerable sums of money on medical treatments each year, money that could be used for other sectors if the dog meat trade was banned.

No country in this world should continue to allow the suffering of so many innocent animals.

Sign the petition and make your voice heard: end the dog meat trade in Indonesia! Dogs are not food, they are family!

Dogs are crammed in tiny cages until customers choose them as their next meal

They are grabbed with a pole and removed from the cage

The images were taken in Sulawesi, Indonesia

The dogs are prepared in front of customers, to ensure the food is fresh


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