WATCH: Trump Announces His New Immigration Policy: ‘You Can’t Come In’

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President Trump has fully embraced immigration as a winning issue for Republicans going into the 2018 midterms. Just yesterday, he tweeted suggesting that immigrants crossing the border into the United States should not be given due process consideration and should simply be turned away and sent back to the countries from which they come.

In a meeting today with Congressional Republicans, the president reportedly claimed immigration policy is easy. He said immigration policy should be “You can’t come in.” A reporter for Bloomberg, Jennifer Jacobs, said the president explained, “It’s so simple. It’s called, ‘I’m sorry you can’t come in.’ ”

The statement came in a meeting with Republican Senators. Trump also told the Senators that United States immigration policy is currently a “hodgepodge of laws.”

Jacobs tweeted about the conversation writing. The first tweet lists the Senators in attendance. She wrote: “In meeting with Trump are Lisa Murkowski, Lamar Alexander, Lindsey Graham, Susan Collins, Steve Daines, Scott Taylor, Rodney Frelinghuysen & others, mostly appropriations sub-committee chairs. Trump was just asking Murkowski “about some gravel road in Alaska,” per @justinsink.”

Then Jacobs shares the president’s immigration policy plan, she wrote:”TRUMP says U.S. immigration policy should simply be: “YOU CAN’T COME IN.” He just told members of Congress that the US immigration policy right now is a “hodgepodge of laws.” “It’s so simple. It’s called, ‘I’m sorry you can’t come in.’””

Jacobs then shares the president’s response to the major news of the day, the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold his travel ban. Jacobs tweeted: “Asked if he’ll go ahead with the travel ban, Trump told reporters in the Cabinet Room just now: “Of course.” The Supreme Court is the “final word,” he said.”

The administration has been opposed for the travel ban since it was first implemented in 2017. In response to the Supreme Court decision today, Representatives Keith Ellison (D-MN), and Andre Carson (D-IN), both of whom are Muslim, criticized the president’s policy and the Court’s decision.



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