Hundreds Of Employees For One Of Trump’s Departments Have Resigned

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The Environmental Protection Agency has seen hundreds of employees quit, retire, or take buyouts since President Donald Trump took office, according to a newly released report by the New York Times.

The report indicated that more than 700 employees have left their positions; 200 of those are scientists, an additional 96 are environmental protection specialists, nine are department directors, and dozens of attorneys and program managers. Not only that, but most of those who have left are not being replaced by Trump.

The Times and ProPublica conducted an analysis of the employee moves through the end of September, using the Freedom of Information Act. That analysis shows that the Trump administration is on its way to its goal of eliminating 20 percent of the EPA work force.

In addition, none of the 27 percent of scientists who left are being replaced; of the 129 hires in the EPA this year, only seven are scientists and 15 more are student trainee scientists, as NYT reported.

This just proves the lack of knowledge Trump has; he rather leave highly-needed positions empty because he feels threatened by scientists. In fact, current staff members at the agency said that the Trump administration is removing expertise from the agency on purpose. Ronnie B. Levin, an EPA researcher says:

“They want the people there to be more docile and nervous and less invested in the agency.”

If this is Trump’s idea of ‘draining the swamp,’ he has it got all wrong. Most if not all of these former employees have had far more experience and knowledge in this department than Trump and his entire administration combined. Trump needs to realize the importance of filling these positions, instead of handing out government jobs to people who are not qualified.


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